Fake Casino Payout!?!

Ollie Dumhue

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Recently I was playing at your stupid online casino. I was playing blackjack which is meant to have a payout of 99 RTP if you play perfect basic strategy.  I was using my own system which is even stronger than the strategies out there and yet, despite a publicly declared RTP of 99 on your very website (!!!) I still lost all of my money in just a couple of sessions. Bam bam, thank you very much for your money!!

I did the math. With an RTP payout of 99 and my C$300 bankroll, if I would have played 200 hands per hour and C$5 per hand, my money should have lasted 30 hours down to the very minute. Now it lasted maybe twelve hours. So much for a high payout!?!! And to add insult to injury I was playing with my own system (always splitting tens and always standing on 16 against a dealer 8-10), that bankroll should have not only lasted longer but also won me money. Now how is that for a payout?!

This should then mean your RTP payout isn’t 99 at all. Oh no! And taking into consideration too my system (I don’t know how much of an edge it adds exactly, but it should an extra payout of somewhere between 5-10%. That’s at least my professional estimation), I should have ended up winning quite a lot.

My question now is not how do I go about to sue your scammer online casino for publishing obviously misleading payout numbers on your website? My question is how much you want to settle out of court for?? It’s clear you want to catch suckers who are not smart enough to question things. Unfortunately for you, though, you’ve messed with the wrong guy. Payout and payout big or I’m bringing you down for payout fraud.

/Ollie Lombak


Dear Ollie. I am terribly sorry to hear about your misfortune at the blackjack table. Firstly, our games are fair. Neither are out payout number manipulated as you incorrectly assess. We have two governmental approved licenses and are regularly checked and scrutinized to ensure we follow the rules and regulations. This includes any payout numbers to ensure they meet the statistical expectations.

The RTP payouts are statistical and indicative. Just because you had an expected RTP payout of 99 it does not mean it will land you in the exact ball park you expect it to. In maths and statistics there are fluctuations. And payout numbers fall into exactly that category. If you flip a coin four times it will not always come up twice on heads and twice on tails. Sometimes you will get one head and three tails and vice verse, and sometimes you will indeed get four of the same. That doesn’t mean the coin is rigged or its payout manipulated. It just follows basic laws of statistics.

Now, the same principle applies to our games. Statistically you might just as well have outperformed the statistical expectations. In this instance, however, you unfortunately had a bad run.

On that note, I am not sure always splitting tens and never drawing on 16 against a dealer 8-10 is a strategy that gains you an edge. I’m by no means an expert on blackjack. I did however run it through a blackjack strategy calculator I found online (in fact, I ran it over at two separate ones) and they both told me that that strategy of yours renders the casino an extra edge of 9 percent. That might explain the speed at which you unfortunately lost your money. It wasn’t due to the payout issues. We promise you ours payout numbers are all in order, and I regret of course that you had a bad experience with us, but at least you may rest assured our payout estimations deliver as promised.

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